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#JustWatched Power Rangers (Dean Israelite, 2017)

As a young child I loved the Power Rangers, or more accurately the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers. I was part of the generation that was told by our headteacher we weren't allowed to play Power Rangers at lunchtime for fear of someone getting hurt. If you want a real insight to my childhood love of Power Rangers, here's an embarrassing fact. I had a big crush on the Pink Ranger, Kimberly. Coincidentally, during the weekly food shop my parents would buy me some Rolo yogurts. They came in a two-pack with the word "Rolo" stretched across the top of the two. I would save the one with "lo" on it until last because it had the letter L on it and L was in Kimberly's name. So was the letter R but I think that was lost on me.

So, much like those Rolo yogurts, this film might seem appealing at first but it's really not good for you.

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