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#JustWatched Get Out (Jordan Peele, 2017)

Get Out is a film that will have a legacy that stretches far beyond itself. Not only is it going to have a place as an important film text but it's going to be cited as a critical academic text. Many essays, articles and think pieces will be drawing upon Jordan Peele's work, and rightly so because it says so much, without patronising, without dumbing down and without complication.

It's an impressive script performed by an equally impressive cast. I can't imagine a better group of actors for this. The way they all have the ability to change the tone of a scene with the delivery of a single line is rare. The whole piece reminded me of Bryan Forbes's The Stepford Wives, in particular the party scene where we, the audience, and Chris get some clear signs that something isn't right. While the audience is sometimes given a little bit more information than Chris, the information we're given doesn't help us understand what's going on but merely alerts us to the fact there's more danger than he realises and we're almost screaming the film's namesake at the screen. It's a clever technique that's often handled badly in horror films.

But to call this a horror film is a huge discredit to this film. It's so much more than that. It makes me question my behaviour as a white man, my family's behaviour. I can imagine a lot of people are saying this film is relevant right now because Trump has recently taken office but this will always be relevant. We need more cinema like this.

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