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#JustWatched Doctor Strange (Scott Derrickson, 2016)

I should have seen Doctor Strange at the cinema. If I'd seen it at the cinema there's a good chance I might have enjoyed it. It's clearly a visual feast. Impressive special effects, full of colour that would be immersive on a big screen. But I watched it on blu-ray and while I could generally admire the aesthetic of the film I found the rest of it to be really hollow.

Despite the thinly veiled attempt at offering the comic book movie canon something different, it's the same as what we've seen before and it's so dull because of it. In films with similar plots with been fortunate to have interesting, watchable characters to enhance the overall viewing pleasure but Stephen Strange is completely insufferable. He's an arrogant, entitled arsehole of a man who goes from being the best brain surgeon to being the best sorcerer while seemingly learning nothing about humility along the way, though we're supposed to buy that he's a changed man. The supporting cast are even less developed which is a shame because the sheer talent that was on offer is extraordinary.

You know what? Ant-Man was way better than this and way more fun. Come at me, Marvel-Bros.

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