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#JustWatched Split (M. Night Shyamalan, 2017)

So many things to like. The cast was great. Obviously massive props to McAvoy for playing so many characters so well. But I think the show was stolen by Anya Taylor-Joy. She carried so much weight in The Witch and made the same feat seem effortless in this. Also the cinematography did so much for this film. Split in name and in nature. So many shots split, using cracks, doors and walls to only show you part of what's going on. Very effective. Very unsettling. I liked the subtlety of the supernatural element, just enough to initially convince me this could be real.

I think what I liked most is that the film felt small. It's a weird comment to make but it's a small cast, with time dedicated to each character. The sets are small, almost claustrophobic and like the girls, we don't really have any idea of where they are or the lay-out of the location. I think small is the wrong word. The film felt personal. Pulling that off when your antagonist is 23 people is commendable. It's an intimate film. You get a real insight into the situation, into Casey's past and her immediate terror. It never glorified the abduction or the abuse, it was handled well but still delivered on the drama, another example of the film's personal nature. Towards the end the film leans into bigger things. For better or worse, we'll see. This was a great couple of hours and I felt liked the packed cinema agreed.

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