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#JustWatched Source Code (Duncan Jones, 2011)

Source Code is one of those great science fiction films that sits with you afterwards and you keep rolling through the ideas it presents and you can't shake them. I find this even more so with time travel films. I love that feeling where you try to work it all out, like trying to flatten out a screwed up map on a windy day. The more you focus on one corner the more you lost control of another.

It's a tight film. It's fast but then it slows down to let moments sit. There was so much more to it than what I was expecting. There's a nice message in there somewhere, something about the value of life even if it can't live in our reality. Something about hopes and dreams being their own world if we give them enough credence. I might be talking out of my butt but I thought it was nice.

One question I can't shake is what happened to the guy that Jake Gyllenhaal inhabits on the train? Early on they explain why that the man was chosen because of similarities to Gyllenhaal's brain or something and they explain that everyone on the train is dead anyway so it doesn't matter. But then when Gyllenhaal saves everyone and they all get to live in the new reality he's created, the guy he's inhabiting doesn't get to live because Gyllenhaal has taken up residence. I know Gyllenhaal's real body is dead in his original reality but it seems pretty unfair on the guy he's now living as. But then he was dead anyway, right? I can't hold this map down.

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