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#JustWatched Dear White People (Justin Simien, 2014)

A well told reminder that we as a society and as a race have so far to go in terms of equality, understanding, respect and acknowledgement. It's satire at it's best. There's a documentary feel to it. It doesn't pander to the audience. It challenges them and it looks at the issue from all the angles. The storytelling is unconventional at times and helps push the themes home. It manages this while still being entertaining, funny and extremely watchable. This is by and large down to the writing and the performances.

2016 and 2017 have proven that racism lives on. That racism is strong. We know these racists, despite how loud they are, are in the minority. And yet somehow, a number of white people seem to continue to believe racism is over. The reaction to the new Dear White People Netflix Series trailer is a prime example of this. It's not anti-white to call white people on our bullshit. There's so much that needs to be none and we need more artists and more filmmakers, from all walks of life, to help tackle what should be a completely outdated concept.

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