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#JustWatched Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice (Zack Snyder, 2016)

Three hours. Three hours and nothing really happened. It's not the most god-awful film ever made but it's not a good one either. Characters just float about doing stuff with no real motivation which might be okay if the characters were remotely likeable but there's nothing to like about them. They're charmless, grumpy, arrogant arseholes. Every single one. Reviewers seemed to praise Wonder Woman but she spends most of the film being quiet in a nice dress at parties or frowning at computer/TV screens before flinging herself around the worst CGI monster that money can buy. The rest of the women spend most of their time getting killed, captured or rescued because, you know, every superhero needs motivation. It's boring. It's all boring. We've seen most of this film before and we've seen it all done much better.

It's such a shame that decades worth of material can only summon this husk of a film. I think the worst thing is that the film assumes everyone has read the decades worth of material. There's no development, no subtly. There's the film shouting at you and the promise of more shouting to come. And there's fucking "Martha."

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