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#JustWatched Jackie (Pablo Larraín, 2017)

I though this film was phenomenal. So unconventional. I assumed it would be structured around the build-up to JFK's assassination and then Jackie Kennedy's following grief. I was wrong. The structure of this film is one of the best things about it. It seamlessly moves from scene to scene, from moment to moment. The blending of the four narratives (the interview, the conversation with the priest, the fallout from JFK's death/build up to his funeral and Jackie's White House documentary) was incredibly effective. They created a mirroring effect in each other, all tied together by that singular fateful moment. All of this carried by Natalie Portman's commanding performance and played to the backdrop of Mica Levi's powerful and unsettling score. It seems to have slipped past people's radars, which is a massive shame. It deserves to be sought out.

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