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THE TITAN’S EAGLE – First Pre-Production Meeting

After all the stress of the Kickstarter campaign, the real work begins.

Director Matthew Stogdon sat down with his principal cast, sound recordist and the costume designer. The meeting doubled as an informal introduction session for the actors that didn’t know one another, allowing them to get a handle on their characters and how they might interact with each other. It also served as an ideal opportunity for Harriet to lay out her plans for the costumes and take various measurements. Of course, everything was watched over and documented by director Adam Gunton, who will be shooting the behind-the-scenes documentary. This also gave him an opportunity to speak with the cast and crew present to go over his vision for the ‘Making Of’ movie.

It was a great meet and everyone is suitably excited for what’s ahead – which at this point is an exceptional amount of prep work and rehearsals!

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