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#JustWatched The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2 (Francis Lawrence, 2015)

The first part of Mockingjay had no pay off, no real climax. The second part has almost no emotional depth. The characters we see die have no real effect on us because we’ve seen them for about ten minutes during this outing. The commentary the series was making feels lost in this war portion of the story, the portion where it should have paid off, and the concept of propaganda seems forced towards the end. What’s worse is that the cast seems to be doing the film just so it’ll be over.

I think this series could have had the finish it deserved if Mockingjay had been one film but the studio couldn’t resist two lots of box office earnings. Funnily enough, the second film didn’t make as much as the studio had liked and other similar teen-fiction adaptations are faltering towards the end of their runs. Maybe audience’s attention spans are smaller? Maybe the target audience is out-growing the films before the next installment comes out?

Maybe studios will start respecting the source material instead of trying to wring them out like a wet sponge for all their worth? I doubt it, but we’ll see.Still love that score though.

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